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Hi, I have been dealing with gastrointestinal issues since I was 12 years old. I am now 25 and every year my issue seems to get worse and worse. I am now in pain and uncomfortable every day. It all began in middle school as sharp pains that I would get every now and then where the only way to relieve the pain was to stretch out and lie down.  This started to happen more frequently as high school came around, and then starting college.  In college, it slowly got worse where the pain would be more often and I realized that it was trapped gas that would get stuck quite easily.  Mind you, I have also had issues with constipation, as well.  Junior year is where it really began to do downhill as it started to affect my college night life. I realized the pain/bloat/trapped gas would accumulate at night and the pain would be so bad many times where I couldnt stand. There were so many times I couldn’t go out at night because I would be in so much pain.  I would have to lay down for hours for the gas to actually move anywhere.  

Flash forward to now. I feel like I have tried every diet out there, I have been perscribed everything for my constipation, seen 4 different gastrointerologists, have had testing for SIBO, blood work, colonoscopy, gastric emptying study and it continues to get worse and worse. Doctors can’t seem to understand that my issue is the gas. It happens in a cycle where it builds all day excessively but does not move. It gets so stuck and I can always feel where its stuck. It is extremely painful and the only way to get it to move is to lay in all these crazy positions for hours. I go to sleep and wake up and it explodes out of me for an hour. Once I get up, theres still a lot stuck high up. Unfortunately, once I stand up for the day, it doesn’t move and continues to build up on that throughout the day. The cycle repeats. I can’t remember the last time my stomach was comfortable and normal because this is every single day. There is something way more wrong than the typical “IBS-C”  There are so many times too, where I will randomly have diarrhea after dinner on days where the gas is incredibly bad, as if my body is trying to push everything out.  I am never hungry anymore because I constantly have gas trapped. Even when I do have diarrhea sometimes, that doesnt even help the gas that doesnt move deep inside me, it will still be there.  It also tends to smell absolutely horribly. I wish I could fully explain how terrible and painful this is every single day.

Another thing, the past 5 months I have blood in my stool every now and then. I read about fissures and constipation so always thought nothing of it until I talked to my mom who said that has never happened to her. 

I wish the doctors I have talked to would understand that the trapped gas is ruining my life and making it so painful for me to go out and do anything on weekend nights. I just don’t understand whats wrong with me.

Is anyone able to relate/help? Thanks….

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