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Hello I am 27 years old and I’m here to share my story.
As far as I can remember I’ve had stomach issues since a kid got worse in middle school experienced my first panick attack with extreme gas in class while the teacher didn’t let me use the restroom I was in pain. I got extremely worse since 8th grade to graduating high school everyday in school I’d make sure I went to the restroom and stayed there for 45 mins until I thought I was finished pooping. Getting home was my safe place no ibs. I then developed anxiety and Gerd and it all got worse. It took me until I was 18 started to work where I decided to accept everything if I had to go to the restroom fart etc. I will do it I stopped stressing over my defects I didn’t care I let my body guide it’s way to acceptance little by little my body was minimizing gases, pain, reflux, I’ve tried everything and everything got worse.
We may not see it but it’s StRess my people stress is horribly to the gut.
You’re probably but I’m not stressed
We think about our urges to the restroom everyday what do we eat. We feel depressed and anxious all the time it takes a huge effect on your gi tract.
We can do it. I have 3 kids and a husband
I recently relapsed after experiencing a stress event and got my gi tract mind in wired mode. But get to know your body love yourself and have always patience with yourself and body.

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