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I started this problem when I was giving my exams, the first time I remember it was at night of 2016 and I started with a dull pain with feeling of bubbles bursting in my lower right abdominal region. Then as the time passed I started to suffer constipation with pain. I underwent the lower ultrasounds so many times and everything always turned out normal. I was giving exams of my dental school in 2019 when I had anal fissure for the first time and I under went all the clinical tests for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease and everything turned out negative I was so distressed to hear that my condition was not getting Any diagnosis. Then after few months a doctor diagnosed me with ibs c and gave me rifaximin for the same that created wonders for me I was happy for the first time. Then after six months again there is bloating and constipation and fissures now it is just controlling my life. I have came to know about lactose aggravates my bloating and constipation. Day I have pizza, milk or coffee causes me alot of trouble at night with with too hard stools in morning causing fissures.

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