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I had an ulcer when I was 7 years old. My first experience with internal problems. In my 20’s it was issues with constipation. It seemed like I tried everything under the sun. Some would work for awhile and then stop. In my mid 30’s I was starting to have severe digestive issues, then pain, etc. I had an endoscopy which showed nothing. I was given different acid reducers finally working up to the PPI’s. Then more problems so was sent for more tests. It took a year and a half to find out my gallbladder was not working. No stones, it was diagnosed as biliary dyskenesia. A little while after that I started having some similar problems but not constantly. Saw a different gastroenterologist and had an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. Nothing. Went back again and she finally tried an ERCP which showed sludge in the bile ducts. I had a sphincterotomy then because the sphincter wasn’t working properly. Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. In my forties I have had more problems with pain, terrible digestion. Have had more tests recently for the small intestine which have not showed anything except some dilated bowel this last time. The GI doctor thinks irritable bowel but it’s not always consistent with that. Fortunately my primary care Physician does not give up and is working with me trying to figure things out as I can hardly eat much anymore.I am now 51 years old.

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