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Wow, I read the story from Anonymous Feb 2013 and felt an immediate kinship to (I’m going to say her). My husband really doesn’t understand what it’s like to feel this way and because we met originally as “foodies,” enjoying gourmet meals all over the country on business, he feels that I should continue to eat with him at every meal, and exactly how he is eating. The truth is that I usually wake up feeling fine (probably because of the medicine), as the day progresses and I have my meals with him, I feel worse and worse. By dinner, I have to say “I can’t eat any dinner.” The nausea, GERD, bloating and constipation make me feel so fat that sometimes I have ended up taking too many fiber pills or a laxative, just for a sense of relief at the end of the day. Hardly a great way to live. The previous writer mentioned tomatoes, wine and citrus, also loves of mine. In fact, I have such voluptuous tomato plants rights now that I am eating them as fast as they are producing. The only time I feel good is when my stomach is empty (but I am starving). Don’t intend for this to ruin my live and I’ll muddle my way through GERD and hope that I can find a balance that also doesn’t make my husband feel abandoned.

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