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I am losing any positive approach i had for dealing with IBS D.
During the first forty plus years of my life i had no bowel issues and was quite regular.
In 1985 I had radiation to pelvic area for Cancer of Cervix stage 2, at age 42.
Towards the end of the five weeks of radiation i had constant diarrhea even tho not eating much.
Long story short, things improved and i went back to work.
About ten years later I had a stomach ulcer, and frequent abdominal pain. The dr who did a colonoscopy said worst case of radiation damage, inflammation he had seen for a long time and to watch what i eat. Urologist said my bladder is fried. Had five weeks visible blood in urine 2012.
During the next ten years i started to have not only the mystery abdomen pain but started to get bouts of sudden diarrhea. In those days ibs symptoms were bouts of constipation AND diarrhea, and as i only had bouts of diarrhea i didn’t pursue ibs.
I retired in 2002 and from then until now things have become much worse.
A gastroenterologist did another colonoscopy 2008 and said radiation damage healed, take up to eight …….. Pills a day and come back in ten years.
It wasnt until 2o15 that my GP trued me on a powder mixed with liquid that i got some relief.

About 25 to fifty percent but unfortunately it made the inside of my mouth so sore i could hardly eat or brush my teeth.
Being 72 I have a long story and am trying to condense.
Every year sees more pain, more diarrhea and for a few years i have to go to bed the pain is so bad, for days, whether or not i have taken otc meds.
On top of it, i have anxiety, depression, lump and right side of thyroid removed, laser to eyes and floaters, and symptoms of fibro and arthritis. Pain clinic could do nothing.
Do i feel sorry for myself? On infrequent reasonably good days, no, but frequent days like today and most days, i do and thoughts of not being able to continue cross my mind.
I DO try and put it in perspective and think of others worse off, but lately its not working and i feel i am barely hanging on..
I listen to meditation, relaxation cds etc., use hot pad. Have a stack of underwear and cloths. Cant eat anything raw and even cooked veg and fruit. I have tried fodmap diet and it was much worse.
My quality of life has gone down the tubes and its affecting my family.. No more trips or vacations. Sorry. If i had not written this myself, i wouldn’t believe it!

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