Hi ALl….In first place my heart goes out to all who have been suffering from GI disorders..!

I am a 24 year old male from India, Late April 2013 i had Typhiod fever post that i developed intestine infection… Currently i am undiagnosed with symtoms of Abdomen pain, hunger, constipation/diaherria, nausea and head pain.

Its so hard to explain this symtom in India ( as GI disorders are so uncommon here).. Always been told “its in your head” and this is freaking me out ( i am like what ?, if you cant diagnose pls admit it but dont let me go mad with your words).

Its getting hard to lead to a normal life..I used to get up and night and eat every 3 hours out of hungr. Thank God i am out of this hunger at night now..!

I seriosuly wanna get rid of this and get back to my old life of happiness..Once agian my heart is out for all you people here…I have a tougher emotional batttle here since its so tough to explain to the people of India..!

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